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Newsletter: Analysis of CSR among SMEs at the international level


The analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among SMEs at international level is the starting point of the CSR-READY project. This exercise will provide information on the benefits derived from CSR for the activity of SMEs and their environment, the challenges faced by SMEs that implement CSR, whether SMEs that specifically apply CSR tools have any special or different characteristics, etc. The aim is therefore to obtain in-depth knowledge on the state of CSR in SMEs in the different countries participating in the project, from which to create a tool that facilitates the self-diagnosis of CSR in SMEs and its promotion. [...]

Newsletter: Analysis of CSR among SMEs at the international level2021-05-06T10:02:24+00:00

An opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility among SMES


Companies are key players in economic and social terms, a role and responsibility of which they are increasingly aware. The selection by consumers of certain products or services and not others, the choice of one company and not another, that workers perform their tasks effectively, that people want to be part of the company, that sustainability is given greater prominence in the company’s actions, not only in the environmental sphere but also in the social and governance aspects, is no longer an objective of large corporations alone. All this makes up Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an area in which SMEs have [...]

An opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility among SMES2021-05-06T10:02:25+00:00



Each year, the 2nd year Wellness students organise a wellness weekend for the 1st year’s generation. Due to Covid19 pandemics, this year we went online instead of LIVE in natural environment. However, sharing fotos of previous LIVE events brings this weekend a little closer again. The topic of the winter wellness weekend 2021 remained the same: bring wellness and wellbeing closer to freshmen and show them the practical aspect of the study programme. This year’s event took place in MS Teams environment. 2nd year students created 9 groups from the 1st year group, covering all areas of wellness. Considering the fact [...]




FOREST SELFNESS IN SLOVENIA  Slovenia is a land of forests, as they cover 58.2% of its homeland. In terms of forest cover, Slovenia ranks third in the European Union, behind Sweden and Finland. According to the share of the European Natura 2000 network for the conservation of biodiversity, it ranks first in the EU with 38%. According to the WEF (2019), Slovenia ranks 26th among the estimated 140 countries in terms of its use of natural resources. In 2019, Slovenia was in the 1st place in terms of the share of protected territory and in 16th place in terms of environmental [...]

FOREST SELFNESS IN SLOVENIA2021-04-08T19:21:47+00:00



SLOVENIA – THE LEADER OF API-TOURISM In 2016, Slovenia was selected as the world’s first sustainable destination, that really tells its green story. Slovenians love their green country, so their concern is focused on preserving natural and cultural treasures, among them apitourism. Apitourism involves the consistent connection of nature and tourism, and follows the trend of travellers demanding green, eco, healthy tourism and wellbeing. As a form of tourism, it deals with culture and traditions of rural communities that could be considered as one of the most sustainable ways of development and niche tourism. The Slovenian long beekeeping tradition, which legally [...]

SLOVENIA – THE LEADER OF API-TOURISM2021-04-08T19:21:49+00:00



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Pleasure or Enjoyment: What to Expect from Wellbeing Tourism?


Can you picture yourself on a beach tasting a delicious ice-cream on a hot sunny day just before diving on paradise-like seawater? Or having a relaxing massage in a thermal water spa? What about learning how to cook a delicious traditional stew of a lost tribe that teaches you some new useful techniques? Or guiding yourself with a map and a compass through a mountain top to reach a remote natural thermal water pool just for you? The idea that experiences are more meaningful and bring more happiness than goods has become widely discussed by tourism scholars and market operators. It [...]

Pleasure or Enjoyment: What to Expect from Wellbeing Tourism?2021-04-08T19:21:54+00:00

What is Wellbeing Tourism?


“In our stressed world, wellness tourism is, says Lonely Planet, the industry’s fastest growing sector with a 10% rise [in 2018] making it a plus $500bn market” (The Yucatan Times, 2018).  According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy was a $4.5 trillion market in 2018, while in 2017 travellers made 830 million international and domestic wellness trips, representing 17 percent of all tourism expenditures. There are inherent difficulties, however, in defining what wellbeing tourism actually is and what it encompasses – it is apparent that ‘wellness’ and wellbeing’ are often used interchangeably.  The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness [...]

What is Wellbeing Tourism?2021-04-08T19:21:55+00:00

Shaping tourists’ well being through slow adventures


Slow adventure experiences, such as canoeing, stargazing or foraging, are characterised by a slower passage of time, immersion in the natural world and a sense of belonging to small social groups. During slow adventures, the perceptions of time, meaningful moments and a sense of togetherness are choreographed by adventure guides to shape tourists’ wellbeing through immersive experiences, ultimately helping them to re-establish a much-yearned-for connection with nature. The contemporary world has become more mobile, interconnected and fluid, and, despite the expectation that technological change would increase people’s free time, the pace of life has only accelerated. People’s free time has been [...]

Shaping tourists’ well being through slow adventures2021-04-08T19:21:55+00:00

Seeking solutions to support learning


Seeking solutions to support learning for refugees, migrants and IDPs post COVID The current pandemic has a silver lining with respect to education and learning. It has forced the education system to rethink and be creative in finding ways to ensure learning continuity. Different modes of distance learning are being explored with careful consideration of equity and inclusiveness. The question therefore emerges, whether and how technology could reach out to some of the most excluded and marginalized populations, such as refugees, migrants and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Research undertaken with 500 refugees found that they ranked water, phone and food as [...]

Seeking solutions to support learning2021-04-08T19:22:23+00:00
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