Learning for a more inclusive, digital Europe

“Canice has worked in the field of lifelong education for over 20 years and is recognised as an expert in instructional design and the development of e-learning solutions for education and training. A former trainer and lecturer, Canice utilises a holistic approach to creating innovative, interactive learning environments and works closely with tutors, trainers and development teams, emphasising the importance of empathy and user experience in every learning solution.”
Our Logician
Innovative Inventors with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge

Canice Hamill, Managing Director

“An experienced EU project manager, Catherine is an integral member of our team. She is an effective communicator and has a strong background in areas of Inclusion. The oldest of 5 children Catherine quickly learned how to lead the pack, utilising organisational skills alongside her passion for helping others, she is committed to making the world a more accessible, sustainable and friendly place.”
Our Protagonist
Charismatic and inspiring leaders, able to mesmerise their listeners.

CATHERINE NEILL, European Project Manager

“Aine plays an important role in the learning design and subsequently in evaluating the effectiveness of our eLearning products on completion. Aine is always keen to engage with her creative side and implement the newest digital tools, pedagogies and trends into our e-learning solutions. She is passionate about finding effective and relevant ways to engage learners from all walks of life.”
Our Defender
Dedicated and warm protectors, able to implement ideas and create order from chaos.

AINE HAMILL, European Project Officer

“In his role of Digital Content Developer, Ian is involved in the design of engaging and effective digital learning content. Ian utilises the most current e-learning software in his work such as rapid development tools, images, graphics, video, audio, webcasts, podcasts, charts and other multimedia formats. A highly skilled Lead Trainer in the Industry, sharing knowledge and learning methods to creatives.”
Our Virtuoso
Bold and Practical experimenters, masters of all kind of tools

IAN SAYERS, IT Specialist

Learning for a more inclusive, digital Europe

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