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Azores: Championing Sustainable Tourism


The Azores are an outermost region of the European Union, comprising nine small volcanic islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the EUA. This somewhat remote and exotic nature-based Portuguese destination holds an incredible combination of natural resources and social dynamics that create a unique wellbeing ambience. For that reason, sustainability has been a key factor in tourism planning and development, helping the region in achieving a paradise-like image. Strategically, the Azores have strived to be positioned as an active nature-based destination, leveraging rich natural resources and combining the beautiful green volcanic scenery with the blue [...]

Azores: Championing Sustainable Tourism2021-06-08T20:59:38+00:00

Successful Kick-Off (virtual) meeting


The CSR-Ready consortium has concluded its first Transnational Partner Meeting that has taken place virtually on Friday 02.10.2020. The meeting counted with the presence of several representatives from each partner organization, and served to set the expectations for the project and define the work plan for each of the deliverables. During the meeting, the coordinator tvw led the rest of the consortium throughout the different Work Packages and Intellectual Outputs. Thus, once the management plan, the work plan and the basis of the communication between partners were established, Camara de Comercio de España, the partner that leads the development of the [...]

Successful Kick-Off (virtual) meeting2021-05-12T19:13:30+00:00

Final definitions based on literature


Final definitions based on literature The post Final definitions based on literature appeared first on DIGITAL INNOVATION.

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Health promotion in Icelandic communities and the upper secondary school of FAS


Health promotion in Icelandic communities and the upper secondary school of FAS Health promotion aims to influence people’s lifestyles and enable them to live a healthy life in healthy conditions. In addition to general education on these topics, emphasis is placed on what people of all ages can do for themselves to improve their mental and physical health by considering daily habits and attitudes. Health promotion seeks to promote health by creating social, cultural and economic conditions and environments that enable individuals and society to increase their fitness and to raise awareness and the desire to maintain health. Many municipalities in [...]

Health promotion in Icelandic communities and the upper secondary school of FAS2021-05-10T16:03:22+00:00



The post FUNIBER video appeared first on Tourism Recovery.

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11 Ways to live well and boost your wellbeing in Scotland


11 Ways to live well and boost your wellbeing in Scotland Blog by Annierose Knox (January 26, 2021) https://www.visitscotland.com/blog/scotland/wellbeing-boost/ Our time off from daily life is so important, and now more than ever before. For all of us, factoring in a bit of zen time is the key to finding balance, whatever life throws our way, and the perfect way to rest, recharge and re-energise. We’re living in unpredictable times, so you might be wondering about what your travel plans might look like. From exercise in the fresh air to soul searching in amongst our landscapes, you’ll still find your bliss [...]

11 Ways to live well and boost your wellbeing in Scotland2021-04-08T19:21:30+00:00

TVW and our role in the project


Introduction of tvw and our role in the project We, TVW GmbH (the vision works), are an owner-managed SME focusing on consulting for companies, start-ups, public organisations and NGOs. Our special expertise ranges from Crisis Management and Restructuring Processes, Change Management Processes and Organisational Development, Business Development Processes up to Digitalization. Thanks to an entrepreneurial, results-oriented approach, not only do we develop strategies and concepts, but we are also extremely happy to be available for the active implementation. The aforementioned fields of action require a high degree of moderation and mediation skills as well as multi-actor management competencies to assure wide [...]

TVW and our role in the project2021-04-08T19:22:16+00:00

LIME Newsletter 2


Spring programme update LIME programme update In October 2019 we launched the Lean Innovation for Micro Enterprises (LIME) programme. Little did we know how big a role innovation would play in the continuing Covid-19 pandemic that has shaped the last 12 months. Across the world, accelerated innovation has been core to the survival of many SMEs and micro-enterprises. And many businesses have applied techniques that are lean in nature. About the LIME programme The overall goal of this programme is to introduce the lean innovation skillset to our education systems, and by extension to our economies. Innovation is often positioned as [...]

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Luisa Fernandez information


Spanish Sobre Luisa Martínez: el premio hace homenaje a la baezana y mujer emprendedora Luisa Martínez, nacida en 1932 y reconocida con Medalla al Mérito en el Trabajo, otorgada por el Ministerio, entre otros muchos reconocimientos locales e internacionales. La labor de Luisa Martínez es ampliamente reconocida en la difusión de la cocina tradicional y del aceite de oliva virgen extra, así como por tratarse de un ejemplo de conciliación de la vida laboral y familiar, adelantándose a su tiempo. English Luisa Martinez is a rewarded enterpreneur from Jaen, born in 1932. Her effort has been recognized with uncountouble prizes. Among [...]

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Ireland Pitched as a ‘Detox Destination for Soul-Searching Millionaires and Celebrities’


Ireland Pitched as a ‘Detox Destination for Soul-Searching Millionaires and Celebrities’ Kantar Millward Brown are a leading global research agency focusing on topics such as deeper understating of people, branding, resilience, insights, innovation, future ideas and opportunity.  In 2018 they stated ‘Ireland should be pitched as a “detox destination” for millionaires and celebrities looking to ‘soul-search’ without being hassled by crowds’. They recommended that the Irish national tourism development agency (Failte Ireland) draft a plan to bring more wealthy luxury-travel seekers to these shores. The study for Fáilte Ireland, released to Fora under freedom of information laws, estimated that the global luxury travel [...]

Ireland Pitched as a ‘Detox Destination for Soul-Searching Millionaires and Celebrities’2021-04-08T19:21:50+00:00
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