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Newsletter 3


Download “Newsletter 3” Newsletter-3.pdf – Downloaded 25 times – 39 MB The post Newsletter 3 appeared first on YSDI.

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A short description of FUNIBER


A short description of FUNIBER FUNIBER (https://www.funiber.org/)  is a non-profit private organization devoted since 1997 to online education and multidisciplinary international  projects. With headquarters located in the 22@ digital smart district in Barcelona (Spain), the international organization of FUNIBER comprises a group of universities, R&D centres and several SMEs. Since its foundation in Spain, FUNIBER has grown continuously to become an academic and professional network across more than 35 countries along Europe, America and Africa. Our university network includes partnership, affiliation and consolidated contacts with 80 European, American and African Universities and R&D centres. Currently we are teaching to more than [...]

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The future of businesses in the tourism industry


The future of businesses in the tourism industry An international program focuses on supporting and training tourism businesses when reacting to crises.  The Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery project, co-financed by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union, is led by the University of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and has the participation of FUNIBER. The initiative enables higher education institutions to assist businesses to evolve in crisis situations. This project focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises and future business owners in the tourism industry so that they can acquire the adaptive skills to maintain success even in unexpected circumstances. [...]

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Green Scheme Of The Slovenian Tourism


Green Scheme Of The Slovenian Tourism The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST) is a tool developed at the national level and a certification programme that carries out the following tasks under the SLOVENIA GREEN umbrella brand: brings together all efforts directed towards the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia, offers tools to destinations and service providers that enable them to evaluate and improve their sustainability endeavours and promotes these green endeavours through the Slovenia Green brand. .fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-0{width:100% !important;margin-top : 0px;margin-bottom : 20px;}.fusion-builder-column-0 > .fusion-column-wrapper {padding-top : 0px !important;padding-right : 0px !important;margin-right : 1.92%;padding-bottom : 0px !important;padding-left : 0px !important;margin-left [...]

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Wellbeing Experiences in Northern Slovenia


Wellbeing Experiences In Northern Slovenia Vocational College of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor (VCHT)  is a member of numerous European hospitality associations that connect schools which offer similar study programmes. While the Hospitality and gastronomy sector are already well represented, the wellness and wellbeing part was until the spring of 2021 not addressed at all. In order to create opportunities for students of the Wellness management programme, a new competition was created within EURHODIP (https://www.eurhodip.com/competitions/) with the idea to provide a platform for students of wellness and wellbeing as well: #taste2connect. The aim of the competition was to connect young and talented [...]

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HOW TO INNOVATE DIGITALLY? Servitization and service innovation have appeared as a successful way for many companies, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, to overcome the dead-end road of competition. However, in reality, SMEs do not frequently participate in digital innovation for services and not a lot is known about the underlying process. In the face of these challenges, universities play an important role by combining theory with practice and setting standards of future work practices. Therefore, lecturers need up-to-date, reliable information to develop modern course curricula. Thus, this Erasmus+ project “Digital Innovation in the Service Sector” has the objective to [...]

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Changing Europe…one learner at a time


“Changing Europe…one learner at a time” The European E-learning Institute (EUEI) is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences and innovative educational programmes which engage learners from a range of sectors and socio-economic backgrounds. EUEI is committed to promoting social cohesion, inclusion and sustainability across Europe, making them a perfect fit for the Inclusion Through Mediation Project. Our experienced team of trainers, researchers and technical experts are uniquely placed to guide educators from VET, HEI, Adult and Youth sectors to harness the opportunities that innovative and collaborative e-learning and digital tools offer for learners. We specialise in the delivering of high quality, [...]

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Newsletter 2


Download our Newsletter Download “Newsletter 2” EYRE-Newsletter-2.pdf – Downloaded 55 times – 319 KB .fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-0{width:50% !important;margin-top : 0px;margin-bottom : 20px;}.fusion-builder-column-0 > .fusion-column-wrapper {padding-top : 0px !important;padding-right : 0px !important;margin-right : 3.84%;padding-bottom : 0px !important;padding-left : 0px !important;margin-left : 3.84%;}@media only screen and (max-width:1024px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-0{width:100% !important;order : 0;}.fusion-builder-column-0 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}@media only screen and (max-width:640px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-0{width:100% !important;order : 0;}.fusion-builder-column-0 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-1{width:50% !important;margin-top : 0px;margin-bottom : 20px;}.fusion-builder-column-1 > .fusion-column-wrapper {padding-top : 0px !important;padding-right : 0px !important;margin-right : 3.84%;padding-bottom : 0px !important;padding-left : 0px !important;margin-left : 3.84%;}@media only screen and (max-width:1024px) [...]

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Newsletter 1


Download our Newsletter Download “Newsletter 1” EYRE-Newsletter-1.pdf – Downloaded 56 times – 532 KB .fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-3{width:50% !important;margin-top : 0px;margin-bottom : 20px;}.fusion-builder-column-3 > .fusion-column-wrapper {padding-top : 0px !important;padding-right : 0px !important;margin-right : 3.84%;padding-bottom : 0px !important;padding-left : 0px !important;margin-left : 3.84%;}@media only screen and (max-width:1024px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-3{width:100% !important;order : 0;}.fusion-builder-column-3 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}@media only screen and (max-width:640px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-3{width:100% !important;order : 0;}.fusion-builder-column-3 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-4{width:50% !important;margin-top : 0px;margin-bottom : 20px;}.fusion-builder-column-4 > .fusion-column-wrapper {padding-top : 0px !important;padding-right : 0px !important;margin-right : 3.84%;padding-bottom : 0px !important;padding-left : 0px !important;margin-left : 3.84%;}@media only screen and (max-width:1024px) [...]

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How the wellness industry is taking over travel


How the wellness industry is taking over travel In the past few years, studies and researchers from Sociology have discussed that the postindustrial society is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with mundane and rational daily life. This dissatisfaction is as much self-directed (e.g., identity, stress, work overloads, loneliness) as it is socially-directed (e.g., anomie and the impacts of materialism and capitalism). This has led people to seek hedonic experiences, i.e., experiences that provide almost instant pleasure and respond essentially to biological needs. However, as socioeconomic dynamics evolve and new lifestyles emerge, health and wellbeing are gaining increased importance in daily routines. More fulling [...]

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