Project Description

The pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in management because of the dramatic increase in work-from-home practices. Yet the shift to hybrid work raises challenges for both managers and the staff. On one hand, today’s managers also need the interpersonal and relationship building skills to carry out the traditional management activities through digital interfaces. On the other hand, unconstrained digital work can have negative consequences for employees’ mental and physical health, leading to digital burnout and low productivity.
Where training offers and educational resources on remote leadership exist, they are primarily addressed to multinational corporations. As SMEs make up 99% of companies and employ 66% of Europeans, PROSPER has been carefully designed to meet the needs of European SME managers and is aligned with partners’ expertise, all of whom are vocational training providers to the small and medium-sized business sector.


The overall objective of the Post Pandemic Empowerment Programme (PROSPER) is to design, develop and implement a new training approach which empowers SME managers to reimagine their role as remote managers and ensure remote employees balance digital productivity with wellbeing and inclusion.
With PROSPER we aim at
  • developing a new training for SME managers / HR staff / team leaders to update their leadership skills for remote / hybrid settings
  • ensuring that the specific training needs of SMEs are met and the wider developments of digitalization, inclusion and wellbeing are included
  • contributing to adapt Vocational Education and Training (VET) to labour market needs due to the ongoing digital transformation fuelled by the Covid19 pandemic.


… developing an easy-to-read guide with background information and hands-on examples.
Result 1: the PROSPER Business Case
… creating an online training course which equips learners with remote leadership skills and enables them to learn at their preferred pace.
Result 2: the PROSPER Online Training
… producing a complete set of training materials and guidance for business trainers and VET providers in order to implement in-company training in different settings.
Result 3: the PROSPER Toolkit