Project Description

Context & Objectives

MOOW CODE is focused on establishing a new digital education model, addressing key EU priorities in innovative higher education. It aligns with the EU Digital Education Plan and the Digital Europe Programme, focusing on upskilling the workforce and promoting wide use of digital technologies. Our objectives include fostering digital transformation in higher education, promoting entrepreneurship, and strengthening institutional capacity for organizing digital learning events.


MOOW Concept and Framework
Developed by Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny W Katowicach, this framework includes Guidelines for Organisers and a Playbook of MOOW Activities, providing a robust model for successful MOOW implementation.

MOOW Online Platform
Created by ACEEU GmbH, this platform is the central hub for MOOW learning, collaboration, and interaction, offering a range of tools and resources for effective digital learning.

University Staff Training Pack
Led by the European E-learning Institute, this pack provides training for university staff to effectively organize and execute MOOWs, enhancing their skills in digital education and event management.

Pilot MOOWs
Focused on topics like “Mental Health on University Campus” and “Sustainability in Digital Education”, these pilot MOOWs test and refine the MOOW model, providing practical insights and improvements.

Our Impact

MOOW is designed to be an innovative and adaptable model, with a strong emphasis on fostering university-society links, promoting mental well-being, and advancing sustainable digital education. Through international cooperation and knowledge sharing, MOOW aims to initiate a Europe-wide movement in digital education.

Join the Movement

Engage with us in shaping the future of digital learning and co-creation in higher education. Be part of the MOOW movement!